Nostalgia Finally Being Put To Good Use.


I’ve been blogging for years. Just yesterday Tumblr sent me an email to let me know I’d had my blog there for five years. FIVE YEARS! Imagine all the productive things I could have done with my time instead of reblogging pictures of cats and Taylor Swift? However I’ve never been one to write about a great deal about my life – normally big events are noted with a quick ‘HEY I JUST GRADUATED’ and then I move on to pictures of a mountain I’ve never been to, or Ryan Gosling passing on a compliment (‘Hey girl…’).

I have just turned 23 years old, I am training to be a secondary school English teacher. My big life plan involves using this qualification in a couple of years to travel and work abroad, but at the moment I’m a little stuck in Leicester, England – my hometown – with very little money and an itching wanderlust.

I noticed some friends from school and university have taken up lifestyle/food/travel blogging and I suddenly thought to myself, why not? So yeah, ok, I might not have very much spare time at the moment between lesson plans and job applications, but it is currently half term so I may as well make a start and see if I can keep this thing up!

While there might not be masses of exciting travelling going on at the moment, I’ve been to a few places in the not too distant past (Ireland, Sweden, Greece, France, Canada, USA…) and I look forward to sharing my memories and experiences of these with you. I will try and pass along my top tips for maximum fun and dig back through my photographs for pictures of the hostel rooms. While I hope this will primarily be a travel blog, I really, really love food (I have been known to get emotional over a burrito), so if I have an amazing meal or discover a hidden gem, I might let you know about that too!


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