Astor Hostels, London

Rating: 3/5

A couple of weekends ago I headed to London to attend a concert at the O2 arena. I go to concerts very regularly, and often find my favourite artists are only playing in London. Normally I plan to catch the last train back to Leicester at the end of the evening, but this has become increasingly stressful and on one occasion I had to leave the concert early in order to ensure I didn’t miss it. Not ideal.

This time, given the amount of money spent on the tickets, plus the fact that it was just a couple of days after my birthday, we decided to splash out and make a weekend of it. Having only stayed in a hostel in London once before (and I am still haunted by the memories of that…) I did my research and found the Astor Hostel chain.

We stayed at the Astor Victoria hostel, a five minute walk from the Pimlico Underground station. I arrived before my friend and was welcomed by a friendly Spanish receptionist and allowed to sit in the comfortable reception area (where I sneakily charged my phone in the corner) whilst I waited.

To be honest, we didn’t spend very much time at the hostel so I cannot give a full review. Our room was fine, although there was one mirror and sink in our corner of the room, to be shared between eight guests, which woke us both up repeatedly in the morning. The breakfast was fine and got us going for the day (standard affair: toast, jam, cereal, orange juice, tea/coffee) and checking in and out was nice and easy. We paid £17 each (plus £5 key deposit, returned on check out) for the night, which for central London is pretty good, and I would stay here again for it’s ease of location and price.


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