Dublin, Day 2

After crawling back to the hostel at 3.30am after our first night of pub crawling, we really didn’t want to miss our free breakfast so we woke up early to get down to the kitchen in time for toast and jam, a cup of tea and some fresh orange juice. We were out and about in the streets of Dublin by 11am, clear blue skies, and on our way to the Guinness Storehouse! I cannot proclaim to be a big drinker of “the black stuff”, but when in Dublin, eh?

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 13.11.37

A ticket here was €13, which seemed a little steep to me given that this is a self guided tour. The layout of the exhibition is great: interactive, informative and plenty to do! After learning about the production process of making Guinness, we entered the Tasting Room. Here, we were given a miniature glass of Guinness and instructed how to properly enjoy and savour the taste – I have to say, this method certainly helped me stomach it! Still not a fan of the aftertaste, but it went down quite nicely.


My perfect pint.

Our ticket to the Storehouse also acted as a token for a free pint of Guinness at the end of our visit – you could choose to enjoy this in the Gravity Bar, boasting views of the city, or learn how to pull the perfect pint of Guinness, complete with certificate of your achievement. We opted to do this (mostly so I could add this to my collection!) and then snuck our pints up into the Gravity Bar to enjoy the best of both worlds!

Overall we spent around 2 hours, perhaps a little more, in the Guinness Storehouse and I would certainly recommend it to anyone visiting Dublin! I felt like we got a lot for our money, making it worthwhile.

In the afternoon we headed to the National Gallery of Ireland to take in some culture, however I wasn’t too impressed with the collections and couldn’t stop thinking about dinner! On our way to find food we stopped for some touristy ‘We’re in Ireland!’ photos along the way…

Loving life in Dublin!

Loving life in Dublin!


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