California Chronicles: San Diego

San Diego

I visited San Diego in December, 2011 over the Christmas break of my year studying abroad in Oregon (more on that later!). I went to stay with one of my best friends, Taylor, who was studying at San Diego State University (SDSU) at the time.


Exploring San Diego in 2011.

The first thing we did was explore Old Town San Diego, full of historic buildings from the 1800s, in California’s early days. There’s five original adobes to visit, as well as other historic buildings such as a blacksmiths shop and San Diego’s first newspaper office.


An original adobe home.


Historical interpretations.


Old store fronts.

A little outside of the Old Town area there are tons of restaurants, as well as street stands selling traditional Mexican food – a bit pricier than you might find elsewhere in San Diego, but oh so good!


Blue skies in Old Town! (I almost forgot it was December!)


Fresh tortillas.

Moving on, Taylor took me for a quick tour of her university campus, SDSU. Now I studied at arguably one of the ugliest campuses in England – a concrete jungle of 1960s walkways and grey. Taylor on the other hand studied at a campus featured in ‘Bring It On’. I think we know who the winner is here…


SDSU – ‘Bring It On’ campus!

Too overcome with jealousy to explore any further, our next stop was San Diego Zoo. I’ve been some pretty impressive zoos in the past, including Central Park Zoo, but nothing can even touch San Diego Zoo, then or ever, because San Diego Zoo is where I got to see a PANDA. In real life. A panda right before my eyes!!! Bucket list ticking off moment please.


Look at it!!!!


Just chillin’.

This zoo was unreal – I saw black bears, rhinos, giraffe, tigers, lions, leopards, elephants and gorillas! And of course PANDAS.

During the rest of the trip, we visited Coronado, and the hotel made famous by Marilyn Monroe and ‘Some Like It Hot’ (my mum’s favourite film).


Oh, and it rained…

And Balboa Park.


Balboa Park.

And ate ungodly amounts of Mexican food!


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