California Chronicles: Yosemite


I took a day trip to Yosemite from San Francisco, about a week before Christmas in 2011. I have a dream of visiting all the American National Parks out west (Yellowstone, Glacier, Zion, Bryce, Grand Canyon…the list goes on), so I was pretty excited to be going to Yosemite, even if it was only for a day! We booked with Inca Adventures, for $140 – a bit pricey but the only way we could feasible make it to the park and take in all the sights.

We were picked up right from our hostel bright and early, collected some other guests and then headed off towards the park. There was a breakfast pitstop along the way at a fresh fruit sellers. It was quite a long drive but I didn’t mind…The roads were my idea of heaven!


Surrounded by trees.

Once we reached the park, I was completely blown away by the views. The scenery was just incredible. I’m a mountains girl – they make my heart hurt I love them so much – but I also love tall, green trees, as far as the eye can see. Valleys and trees and nature. Welcome to Yosemite Valley:


Yosemite Valley.

Here’s El Capitan looking magestic:


3000 feet (900m) tall rock face.


Valley views from our hike.



I am not a big fan of guided tour packages – I don’t like be hearded around. Sometimes you want longer in a certain place, and sometimes you want less time – I like being able to decide that for myself. So what I really liked about this tour package was the free time we were given. We were given a good 3 hours to explore the park for ourselves, with our guide being able to advise us of the best hikes or views. My friend Summer and I opted to go on a hike up to a waterfall. We had expected the park to be snowy, based on the time of year and the website’s advice, however it was a gloriously sunny day and we worked up quite a sweat!


Absolutely loving life!


I love a good hike.

I only wish we’d had even more time to hike and explore this beautiful National Park. An absolute highlight of my travels in California.


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