Oxford, England


Today I took a trip with my mum to Oxford where my brother is studying at Oxford Brookes University. He started in September and I hadn’t seen where he is living yet, so we popped down for the day to take him out for lunch. Once we had headed into the centre of Oxford, we wandered around to see some of the colleges and parts of Oxford University. The university is the oldest in the country, and in the English-speaking world.


Radcliffe Camera (library).


All Souls College.


Bodleian Library, Oxford.

Oxford colleges look similar to those in Cambridge, but have more spires (Oxford is known as the “city of dreaming spires“) and, I don’t really know how to describe this exactly, but the colour of the buildings and bricks is different in Oxford – they remind me of old school projects where you write a letter from history, and have to dab a tea bag over your piece of paper to turn it yellowy-brown. That’s how the buildings seem to me! The city of Bath is kind of the same (Bath stone).

We took my brother out to lunch – we went to Bill’s just off the main street, which I did not realise was a chain until I got home to look it up. I had pink lemonade, and marinated chicken skewers with a side of sweet potato fries (I cannot resist them!). I really loved the interior design of the restaurant, which is in a former Methodist church.


The view from above.

I didn’t take a picture of my meal because I’m not that person…Oh wait, I am! Later in the afternoon we went to G&D – an ice cream cafe. There’s three across Oxford, and we went to George & Danvers on St. Algates. We didn’t order anything too exciting, but I had a delicious double chocolate cookie with my cup of tea, which was oozing in the middle! Mmmm.


The stuff of dreams!


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