Miles for Breakfast

Kristin Gates is a 26-year-old long distance hiker and writer. She was one of the youngest women to hike the 7,000+ mile Triple Crown (Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail and Continental Divide Trail) and last year became the first woman to traverse the Brooks Range in Alaska solo.

The Triple Crown.

Reading about her experiences and viewing her stunning photos of the vast wilderness she has hiked are really inspiring. I am currently in the process of writing a little ‘Travel Bucketlist’ and hiking the Pacific Crest Trail is something I’d really love to do in my life. Seeing someone only a couple of years older than me having already completed this and so much more makes me think I better get a move on!

You can visit her page @ milesforbreakfast.

Kristin Gates.

In her latest blog post, she informs readers that a friend has pulled out of their summer expedition. Is that stopping her from going? No! Quoting hero Audrey Sutherland, Kristin says ‘Go simple. Go solo. Go now.’

Kristin Gates.

Although I will hardly be hiking through desert, or traversing snowy passes, I am completing my adventure to Central America this summer solo. When I booked my flights it didn’t phase me, but as the trip gets closer I am starting to feel like maybe I am a little crazy. Friends, family, coworkers, the hairdresser and the nurse giving me my travel vaccinations say, ‘Wow, you’re brave!’ and I shrug, but maybe, perhaps I AM a little brave! So add the PCT to my travel bucketlist because one day I’ll be brave (and crazy!) enough to plan my way to that hike!


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