Over Stressed, Underprepared…

As you may be aware, I am currently training to be a secondary school English teacher. This has basically involved kissing goodbye to my social life and spending many late nights and weekends lesson planning and marking.

Despite all the stress and hard work, one of the definite pros of becoming a teacher is the holidays. Although I spent much of Christmas and Easter breaks, and plenty of hours over half term prepping for the coming weeks and generally not relaxing all that much, the summer break is one I have been looking forward to for months! I will really, truly have a holiday without the guilt that I should be grading essays or compiling my evidence portfolio.

Flight booking and travel planning.

In February I booked flights for my summer backpacking. I am travelling to the east coast of America, where I will be visiting a friend in New York before travelling to Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Virginia with another friend. After 12 days there, I am flying out to Costa Rica, where I will be spending 21 days backpacking solo around the country and making a quick stop in Bocas del Toros in Panama too.

I am beyond excited. But as the trip quickly approaches I’m beginning to get a little stressed about how little planning I have done for the Costa Rica portion of the trip. I know the places I want to visit (Montezuma, Monteverde, Arenal, Tortuguero, Puerto Viejo and Bocas) and have research from hostels and transportation options. I’m hoping I will meet fellow travels in hostels along the way, and I therefore want to keep my itinerary fairly flexible, and book things while I am there. I think this is the best plan, but that is also pretty nerve-wracking for a compulsive planner! (And someone on a limited budget!)

In the mean time, if anyone has recommendations for any of those American cities (usual tourist things, local secrets or must-eats), or insider-info on Costa Rica, drop me a comment!


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