This one time, at summer camp…Life as a camp counsellor.

In the summer of 2010, I got on a plane and flew halfway around the world to the small town of Carnation, Washington. Why? To spend 10 weeks working as a camp counsellor at a Girl Scout camp called Camp River Ranch.

If you’ve ever been to girl scout camp, you’ll know that counsellors go by ‘camp names’, and I was asked to choose my camp name as soon as I arrived. I chose Dallas.

The summer I spent at Camp River Ranch was the best three months of my life. I cannot imagine another experience topping it. I spent 10 weeks making friends, exploring, playing with kids, singing camp songs, sitting around camp fires, jumping into the lake, playing pranks, eating thin mints and samoas and generally having the time of my life! I would give anything to go back to that magical summer and relive it all again…

Out on the lake.

Harry Potter themed dinner.

Playing pranks.

Reppin’ home for International Week.

Taking part in a mud run!

Some of my favourite people at our weekly Red Robin laugh-until-it-hurts dinner.

Living in cabins in the wood.

One of my adorable groups!

Campfire sing-alongs at the amphitheatre.

Celebrating 4th July like a true American.

Basically being ridiculous.

Camping at Mount Rainier.

Beautiful Washington.

Learning small craft and water safety!

Camp Olympics: Cream pie eating contest.

Staff lake day!

More pie!

Day trips to Seattle.

Carnation, Washington.

Looking back through pictures from camp, and my camp ‘box’ (full of little letters and notes, inside jokes and small souvenirs) makes me feel very nostalgic, and sad that that summer is forever in the past – but I am so thankful I had the experience and made such amazing friends.

Camp, and Washington forever hold a very special place in my heart.



15 responses to “This one time, at summer camp…Life as a camp counsellor.

  1. What a lovely post! You capture the wonder of a perfect time in your life with poignancy but no sticky cloying regret. I loved the pictures – the energy and joie-de-vivre they capture is intoxicating 🙂

    • Thank you Osyth. It really was a beautiful summer, and I am happy if the pictures can even sum up half of the joy and happiness!

  2. Looks really wonderful. Actually I have visited Colorado and the Rockies. Must say that I like the nature in the states. It´s diverse. Another thing i realized from these photos, you americans must like painting flags in the face ?! .. 🙂

    • Haha, I’m actually British! We had an ‘International Week’ at camp and the counsellors from foreign countries all shared foods, games and traditions from their country. That’s why we had the flags and face paint!

  3. To live that carefree and joyous makes it a very special time in your life. Thanks for sharing and I hope another carefree and joyous time is just around the corner.

  4. I went to YMCA camp here in Miami every summer. There were attractions here and parks and zoo and pool and beaches but all we really wanted to do was play softball all day. Playing war and throwing rocks or rotten fruit at each other in the woods was really fun! The counselors used to beat us for throwing rocks. Hey but war is war.

    Hitting the little kids with sticks was fun too . The counselors would beat us for that.The counselors used to beat us to make us sing the stupid songs after lunch. See, we went to REAL summer camp. Rather take the beating than sing any day. That’s how it was over 50 years ago. Despite being crazy I think we grew up just fine. After all, violence is the American Christian way and nobody really got hurt much anyway. Thanks visit my blog.

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