Wanderlust Wednesday: Norway

Norway has been on my ‘travel bucket list’ since I visited Stockholm, Sweden last August.

Sweden’s Scandinavian neighbour is full of beautiful scenery and interesting cities full of history of the Vikings and such! Think mountains, fjords and the Northern Lights!

The capital – Oslo.


I was actually hoping to visit Norway over Easter (unfortunately that didn’t work out this time around) but came across a website called ‘Norway in a Nutshell which inspired me with more locations around the country, aside from the capital of Oslo. It helps you plan trips across the country, particularly journeys between Oslo and Bergen, via train and boat.

The stunning Bergen on the western side of the country.


The trip between the two takes you through some stunning scenery. This is Flåm:


And you can take boat trips through the fjords…

Fjords in Norway.

Way, way up in the north is a town called Tromsø. Here you have the perfect opportunity to view the Northern Lights!

The Northern Lights in Tromsø.



Beautiful Norway, next time I promise we’ll make it work!


7 responses to “Wanderlust Wednesday: Norway

    • Hi Peggy – thanks for the links! I really hope I can visit Norway in the next year or so.

  1. Thanks for the post on Norway… I’m moving to southern Norway next month (to teach Spanish at an international school), so I hope to discover all the places you’ve mentioned. And good luck in finally setting foot yourself in Norway!

    • Oh wow – that sounds incredible! I see you are also a teacher – I would love to work in international schools in the future. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Oh wow, these are beautiful shots. The first two just perfect and have that great serene look…perfect as night falls here in HK. Cheers.

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