Head out West?

Why is my blog titled Head Out West

Originally this came from when I set up a ‘travel blog’ on Tumblr. I wanted a place where I could share pictures of all the places in America I wanted to visit, as a kind of visual bucket list for myself of places to see.

The name came from a song lyric, by a country music singer called Jason Aldean, from the song Wide Open. It’s about a girl working in a diner, trying to save enough money to make it out of her small town. I may not be from rural small town America, but the second verse always really hit home to me:

There’s a rusty old Ford, lives out back behind the diner, 
Sitting there waiting on her to make her mind up,
Itching to sling a little gravel, take her who knows where,
Maybe head out west, it’s in God’s hands I guess.

I loved the idea of setting off, out into the unknown, ready for an adventure.

More recently another song by one of my all-time favourite artists included a very similar lyric; John Mayer’s song Queen of California:

I’m headin’ out west with my headphones on,
Boarding a flight with a song in the back of my soul.

Again, the romanticism of the west – the mystery, the land still to be discovered – drew me in.

Personally, a big piece of my heart is out west. You may have already picked up that I love America – from studying American literature, history and politics, to cowboys and country music, I quite possibly should have been born in the States! But in particular, the west coast of America has my heart. Between spending a summer working at a summer camp in Washington, to living for a year in Oregon and visiting friends throughout California, it’s safe to say I think that the west coast is best. One of my biggest aims is to make it back to the west, where my heart feels calm and happy, so…I guess…I’m always planning to head out west.


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