Bucket List Dream: Visiting all 50 US states

Visiting all the states of America has long been my biggest bucket list dream. I first visited the country in 2008, on a sixth form trip to Los Angeles (crazy, I know!) but my love of the United States began long before I ever stepped foot on American soil, and has continued to this day. Over the years I have collected numerous items of clothing branded with the flag, and books on the country, and even studied American literature for my degree (with some American history and politics thrown in too!).



I saw a video yesterday of a Texan man who visited every state in just over a year, and filmed himself waving the American flag in each one – I love how hilariously patriotic the video is, and I’m also pretty jealous!

At present, I have visited 13 states: California, Oregon, Washington, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Michigan, Wisconsin, Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and New York, as well as Washington D.C. I have travelled through New Jersey and Maryland, and I have also been in aiports in: Texas, Arizona, Ohio, Illinois, Florida and Massachusetts, however I don’t really count these as I never left the confines of the airport terminal buildings!

1. New York – Outside the ‘Friends’ cafe in Greenwich Village!

2. Michigan – Heading up to Marquette in Northern Michigan.

3. Wisconsin – My classic tourist pose.

4. Washington – 3am at Pike Place!

5. Virginia – The school bus completes the American scene here.

6. North Carolina – People honked and people stared.

7. Oregon – My home for a year!

8. California – A land of extremes.

9. Tennessee – Where the country music and whiskey stole my heart.

10. Mississippi – By far the strangest state I have visited so far.

11. Oklahoma – Being shown the sites by the locals is by sure the best way to explore a new place!

12. Louisiana – A blur of alcohol and humidity.

13. Pennsylvania – History and culture and food.

14. Washington D.C. – Sightseeing and waving to Obama.

I will be definitely be able to check off one more new state this summer – Pennsylvania – and we’ll have to see if I manage to hop across any other state lines!

How many have you checked off? Which is your favourite state so far?


9 responses to “Bucket List Dream: Visiting all 50 US states

  1. Looks like I’ve been to 18. Impossible to pick a favourite because they vary so greatly though. I don’t have any grand plans to visit all 50 but there is certainly plenty more I want to see!

    • Impressive! You’re definitely right – it’s like 50 different countries really, they all have such differences.

    • Wow! I need to catch up! Washington definitely has my heart, and TN was pretty special 🙂

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