Back to reality…

After the most incredible summer hopping from the States, to Costa Rica, to Panama, I’ve been back in England for almost two months now and reality has well and truly taken hold.

At the end of August, I began my first real ‘grown-up’ job. Having trained over the last year, I am now a qualified secondary school English teacher and have my very own shiny, new classroom at my school.

Welcome to my classroom!

I feel that the teaching profession is massively overlooked and undervalued (mostly by politicians and the media), so I wanted to give you an insight into a day in my life…This was my day today:

6am – Woke up and got ready. Commuted to work.
7.45am – Arrived at school. Printed lesson resources.
8.20am – Morning briefing. Fed back information on my tutor group’s progress.
8.30am – Morning registration: Read the bulletin, led numeracy activities, reward points count, dealt with bullying issue.
8.45am to 10.25am – Two lessons: Yr8 drama, Yr8 English.
10.25am – Break time: Called a parent to discuss a concern. Was screamed at and verbally abused for four minutes.
10.45am to 12.25pm – Two lessons: Two Yr7 English lessons.
12.25pm – Lunch time: Oversaw a lunch time detention. Grabbed some food and a cup of tea.
1.20pm to 3pm – Two lessons: Yr10 English, Yr8 English. Marked a set of Yr9 books.
3pm to 4pm – Met with Head of Year to discuss a child. Cleaned and tidied classroom. Continued marking Yr9 books.
4pm to 5pm – Moderated GCSE controlled assessments, prepared a Powerpoint.
5.30pm – Left school and commuted home.

I’m about to get back to some work now for a while as well!

I just wanted to give a snapshot into my daily reality at the moment, and hopefully you can understand why there’s not been many posts recently! However, you may notice in my sidebar, my next trip is in SIX days! I’m heading to Amsterdam for three nights, visiting Dutch friends I met in Costa Rica, and I couldn’t be looking forward to it more!


One response to “Back to reality…

  1. My school years are over – my own and those of my four daughters. For us all a good teacher stays with us forever (and both I and each of them would instantly tell you the name of ours and why they were so good) …. may you be that to many 🙂

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