Preparations for the next adventure

When I’m not travelling, I am constantly dreaming up my next adventure. Being a teacher, I am very lucky to get a lot of holiday (13 weeks a year) and I know exactly when they’re coming. In 2014, I have filled every break with a trip of some kind: Dublin in February; Madrid over Easter; USA, Costa Rica, Panama during the summer; and Amsterdam in October.

I am hoping 2015 will be equally as exciting and that I have the opportunity to explore many more places! My big plan is to head back to Central America for about a month in the summer and visit Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

With this in mind, I asked for a couple of travel-themed gifts for Christmas this year!

Firstly, a GoPro HERO3+ Silver Edition Camera/Camcorder. Thinking back to last summer, I had so many opportunities when a GoPro would have been perfect for capturing the experience – from ziplining through a cloud forest, to learning to surf on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. I am excited to use my GoPro to capture my adventures in 2015! I’ve already been getting used to the camera, and took it out on a snowy walk to a nearby park yesterday.

Bradgate Park from my GoPro

Bradgate Park from my GoPro

Bradgate Park from my GoPro

Bradgate Park from my GoPro

The second thing I asked for was a day pack – specifically The North Face Borealis Daypack. After doing some research, I decided this offered everything I needed from a bag, with the added quality of TNF brand. Based on reviews from Amazon and some other websites, people seemed very satisfied with the durability and quality of the bag and I’m excited to get mine packed up and ready for a trip!

The final travel-related gift I asked for was Lonely Planet Central America on a Shoestring travel guidebook. While I didn’t take a guidebook with me this summer, I thought it would help me get an idea for places to visit and transportation options for the summer. A little bit of inspiration!


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